Ladies Billions Lab
Business Club for Women
-Money Making Factory-
  • ⚜️
  • We create unique woman community where you can find a business-friends, possibilities and personal development.
⚜️ Our values:
Sustainable business
Mutual assistance
High quality standards
The art of being a woman
The art of food
The art of sports
The art of fashion
  • ⚜️ Our activities:

Inner events

  • Mastermind is a group work format where participants help each other achieve personal goals by sharing ideas and experiences, as well as support and a fresh perspective.
  • Brainstorming is a problem solving method in which the participants in the discussion generate the maximum number of ideas for solving the problem, including the most fantastic and not real ones. Then, from the obtained options, the best solutions are selected that can be used in practice.
  • Business training is an interactive learning format that includes practical tasks to form and strengthen soft skills and hard skills.
  • Presentation is an event where a participant can present their idea and get feedback.

Outside events

  • A conference is a large-scale business meeting that is usually used for B2B and B2C marketing. At conferences, hot topics are discussed, presentations of new products or services are made, and the results of work are presented to the public and the media.
  • A social project is a set of actions and activities aimed at achieving a goal, accomplishing tasks and obtaining pre-planned results to solve an urgent social problem.

⚜️ How to join us?

Step 1. Someone from Ladies Billions Lab should recommend you you for admission

Step 2. You must pass a questionnaire and a welcome interview

Step 3. You will get an official invitation to the Ladies Billions Lab

⚜️ Annual membership fee

30 000 000 IDR